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We Are Proud To Be An Organization That Takes Pride In Its Workforce

At every step, we have been built by individuals who have gone beyond the limits of personal goals and leaped across boundaries. It is the freedom provided to every individual at Boolean® to learn, grow and create a career path that makes us an organization of opportunities beyond boundaries. Beyond boundaries of region, age, gender, ability and routine. We invite you to be a part of this experience.

BOOTH is Boolean®'s selective training program, designed for ambitious, recent graduates who aspire to be technology leaders. Participants in BOOTH will be surrounded by a diverse set of talented peers from leading universities across the country. After completing a rigorous 12-month technical and professional development program, you’ll be promoted as managers and allowed to choose your speciality domains based, and apply your new-found skills.

We like INTERNS. A lot. And contrary to what you may have heard about most internships, our interns don’t come here to make copies or fetch coffee. (Unless they need to make themselves copies and get themselves some coffee.) Our interns get a deep dive in their respective departments. They contribute. They do real work for real clients. They make friends. Some get hired. And hold on to your hat – they also get paid.

Working for Boolean® , a global technology player, you will work on complex and compelling projects, related to the hottest technologies, across data science, cybersecurity, cloud, analytics, and full-stack development. Even more exciting, you’ll work for a company that is diverse, values-driven, philanthropic, and dedicated to continuous professional development and mentorship.

Our BOOTH Program is all about learning, developing and growing your practice and teamwork. You'll be involved, be stretched and, just as importantly, be trusted. You will be challenged with early responsibility on complex projects for big-name clients. Joining Boolean® through BOOTH, provides a pathway to your career in Information Technology.

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