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The Fellowship

Open to PhD students from all around the world, with no limit per university

Boolean Fellowship

Boolean Fellowship for PhD Students

The Boolean Fellowship is a global program designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students who are engaged in innovative and relevant research in areas related to computer science and engineering at an accredited university.

  • The program is open to students in any year of their PhD study.
  • Applications are evaluated based on the strength of the student’s research statement, publication record, and recommendation letters.
  • We also encourage people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply, especially those from traditionally under-represented minority groups.

Winners of the fellowship are entitled to receive two years of $15,000 annual stipend to cover living and conference travel costs, a paid visit to Boolean headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit, and various opportunities to engage with Boolean researchers.


Based on the current trends and demand, the fellowship will continue to welcome applicants in the field of Computational Science in order to discover academic talents who are innovating computer theory and technology to promote the development of basic scientific research, and to support and encourage them to better carry out their potential research work.

Applied Statistics

Areas of research include but are not limited to inference in high dimensions, causal inference, graphical models, multi-armed bandits, optimization, regression and classification, clustering and segmentation, graph partitioning, entity linkage and data privacy.

Human Computer Interaction - Social Media & Society

We would like to support PhD students in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and social computing who have established research programs in understanding the impact of social media on people and society, focused on key social or informational outcomes. Topics of interest include but are not limited to civic engagement/polarization, social support/health, and authoritative information/misinformation

Programming Languages

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: program synthesis, type systems, static analysis, optimizing compilation, runtimes, formal specification and verification, and high-level support for features such as concurrency, data privacy, control of side effects, and probabilistic and differentiable programming.

Database Systems

We welcome applications from students working on novel approaches to data systems architecture and usage, including, but not limited to, improving the efficiency and reliability of large scale data processing systems, improving the interaction between database software and the underlying hardware, exploring novel techniques around query processing and data indexing, formatting, partitioning, and movement, transaction processing, replication, as well as novel approaches to privacy and security in data management.

Cyber Security

We would like to support students with established proficiency in the field and passion about solving complex security challenges. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: systems, software, and network security; privacy; cryptography; malware; abuse detection and mitigation; authentication and authorization. TO study how product development teams build cybersecurity into their offerings and what mechanisms need to be deployed to promote such behaviors within the product design teams.

Eligibility & Award

The Boolean Fellowship is a big opportunity for you as a graduate student. As with every opportunity, it is up to you to make the best of it. The Boolean Fellowship Program identifies the next generation of research leaders through a unique program that offers a combination of mentorship, research, networking, and academic opportunities to promising young candidates. Fellows earn more than a simple scholarship; they enjoy long-term close engagement with Boolean Innovation Labs, one of the leading computer science research labs in India. Each winner has the opportunity to complete an internship, during which they participate in hands-on, advanced research at Boolean Innovation Labs.

  • * A $15,000 annual stipend to cover living and conference travel costs
    * Paid visit to Boolean headquarters for the annual Fellowship Summit
    * The guarantee of an optional three-month internship at Boolean Innovation Labs
    * Opportunity for intensive and individualized mentorship programs with a dedicated senior researcher, to help facilitate the fellow’s research until graduation
    * At the discretion of Boolean Innovation Labs, advisors of fellows might be invited to participate in collaborative research projects and academic exchange events
  • * Applicants must be full-time PhD students who are enrolled in an accredited university (in any country) by the start of the Fellowship
    * Students must be involved in ongoing research related to one or more relevant disciplines
    * Students must remain enrolled full-time for the duration of the Fellowship to receive program benefits
    * The applicants and their advisors will be asked for supporting documents, if needed
    * The Boolean Fellowship Committee has final determination of the interpretation of the above clauses
    * Students should not apply for Boolean Fellowships if they are actively being funded by Boolean through some other sponsorship or collaboration and/or if they are actively being supervised (or co-supervised) by a Boolean researcher. If in doubt, please email
  • * An application form
    * Curriculum vitae
    * 500-word Research Statement that clearly identifies the area of focus, importance to the field, and applicability to Boolean of the anticipated research during the award
    * Two letters of recommendation, including one from an academic advisor. You will be asked to provide your references’ contact information, and they will receive a corresponding form to submit their letters
    * Due to the volume of submissions, Boolean cannot provide individual feedback on applications that do not receive fellowship awards.
  • In the Computational Science area, The Boolean Fellowship Program focuses on doctoral students who have promoted and expanded research work in the above fields through innovations in computer theory, algorithms, and systems and have made influential achievements. We also look at doctoral students who have made contributions to the development of computer technology by introducing the research methods, theories, and technologies of basic science into the computer science field.

We invite the global science and technology community to continue this exploration—because ensuring that future advancements benefit everyone is up to all of us

Boolean Fellowship

Boolean Fellowship Summit

The annual fellowship summit would be part of our flaghsip tech-fest : playbook. As part of the program, current Fellows are invited to Boolean's headquarters in Noida for the annual Fellowship Summit. At the Summit, Fellows can engage with other winners, share their current research, speak with Boolean researchers and teams, and learn more about research at Boolean.

Cross-disciplinary conversations on emerging tech set the stage for strategic partnerships that happen nowhere else, as industry executives, experts, researchers, and scientists work together to address innovations in computational science. At the Summit we shine the spotlight on India’s championing start up heroes, established tech companies, social enterprise initiatives, innovators and educators in tech.


Its a 3 day-long event that witnesses the best minds in India competing, collaborating and brainstorming on subjects far in future. The festival’s purpose is to showcase how tech is transforming both business and society by driving important conversations around transformation, diversity and innovation. We’ll unite the global tech ecosystem to inspire impactful innovation, building a better digital world for both business and society. Our physical and virtual moments will bring together leaders, thinkers and doers to build relationships and connect. playbook provides the tech eco-system with a platform to come together to drive change. Our mission is to build a better,more inclusive, digital world by gathering the world’s most inspirational founders, global leaders, senior investors and rising stars to collaborate and discuss the vital role of technology on society. playbook will take place in a 2 day-long Festival, twice a year. The content will be available LIVE on Youtube and Tumblr - highly curated and safe sessions, to round-tables, activations and networking moments.

Our fellowship program aims to support smart minds who'd tell us what to do and not the other way round, and this is why we spend substantial resources in selecting and nurturing them

Tushar Sen

Tushar Sen

CEO | CSO | Co-founder


Boolean collaborates with the global research community through programs, events, learning opportunities and joint research endeavors.

Indian Statistical Institute
Indian Statistical Institute,

ISI and Boolean Innovation Labs aim at advancing principles of learning and reasoning, exploring novel applications, and pursuing better understanding of challenges and opportunities with regard to the applied statistics with an aim to enable greater adoption of data science.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

A collaborative research engagement between Indian Institute of Technology and Boolean Innovation Labs. The shared vision is that the center undertake computer science challenges in areas as diverse as human-computer interaction, mobile computing and data center optimization.

Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

The Boolean Innovation Labs-Indian Institute of Science Learning Initiative is supporting PhD students, postdoctoral researchers at the world-leading university. Our aim is to realize artificial intelligence’s potential in enhancing the human experience in digi-social interactions.

Delhi Technological university
IIT Delhi
Nanyang Technological University
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When we start accepting applications for the Fellowship Program application link will be active on this page. Please refer timeline

  • Yes. The fellowship is open to students at all universities both in India and in other countries.

  • Yes. You must be enrolled in a PhD program full-time to apply for a Facebook Fellowship.

  • Yes, you may still apply. You will just receive the tuition and stipend while you are in school.

  • One letter needs to come from your PhD advisor, the other may come from another professor or an industry contact.

  • The stipend will be sent directly to the fellow, unless otherwise specified (if your tuition is sent directly to your university and then it is not considered personal income, and hence not taxed). Your stipend award is taxable and based on local tax laws (where you are a resident). You will be asked to submit necessary tax information once accepting your award. The $5,000 travel award will be bundled with the $10,000 stipend (which is taxable). The total stipend will be $15,000.

  • A three-month internship at Boolean Innovation Labs is guaranteed, and you may request to come for an internship at any time before you complete your PhD. Besides working with experienced mentors, an internship at Boolean Innovation Labs allows fellows to present to and discuss with diverse researchers, which will help them expand their horizons and provide experience in global corporations.

  • The research statement should provide a summary of your research accomplishments and current work and highlight your most outstanding contribution to the academia. Importantly, it should clearly discuss the future direction and potential of your work, especially your research plan for the next few years of PhD study. It should be technical but remain intelligible to any reviewer of the track (we have four general tracks, which you can find in the online application tool). Because your research statement may be read by a reviewer with same track but outside of your subdiscipline, it is important to keep the “big picture” in mind. A strong research statement presents a readable, compelling, and realistic research agenda with clear potential results. Research statements can be weakened by overly ambitious proposals, a lack of clear direction, and a lack of big-picture focus.

    Some general advice:

    • The goal of the research statement is to introduce yourself to a search committee and make them excited about your research. This committee will likely contain scientists both in and outside of your subdiscipline. The statement may be around 500 words, keeping in mind that you want people to read it and buy in, so please don’t make it too long or too short.
    • Think of the overarching theme guiding your main research subject area. Write an essay that lays out:
      • The main theme(s), why it is important, and what specific skills you will use to attack the problem.
      • A couple of specific examples of problems you have already worked on with success — to build credibility and give people an idea of what it is you do.
      • A discussion of the future direction of your research. This section should build on the above and be exciting to people both in and outside your field. If you think that your research could lead to answers for big, exciting questions — say so and reach for the stars.
      • Tie it all off with a final paragraph that leaves the reader with a good overall impression of your research.
    • There is no need to mention all of your projects; stick to those that align with your overarching theme. Introducing no more than three (3) research works is strongly recommended.
    • Pay attention to jargon. You want reviewers to understand everything in your statement. Remember that the goal is to make the search committee excited about you — and they won’t be excited about something they can’t understand.
    • If you have something that sets you apart (e.g. a prestigious achievement in your field), you may want to include it.
    • There are no excuses for spelling errors.
  • Selected applicants will receive notification of their acceptance status by early June 2024. Due to the volume of submissions, Booelan cannot provide individual feedback on applications that do not receive fellowship awards.