We balance success as a business with unwavering focus on exemplary governance and responsiveness to the needs of the ecology and society. As an early proponent of responsible business, we have readily embraced our obligation to integrate ESG factors into everything we do. We aspire to be an industry leader in how we incorporate sustainability into the business landscapes that we build for our clients and the operations of our own business. At Boolean®, we think it is critical to engage with the social and ecological challenges facing humanity. We believe that engagement with social issues must be deep, meaningful, and formed on the bedrock of long-term commitment — this is the only way real change can happen on the ground.
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इत्येतैः पञ्चभिभूतैर्युक्तं स्थावरजंगमम्।

Responsible Booleazens

Our ESG responsibilities and commitments are towards the planet at large, the people and our stakeholders within the communities they inhabit. We embraced ambitious goals and meticulous plans for environmental preservation and serving the interests of our stakeholders. Within the domains of E, S and G, we are constantly defining the most crucial issues and preparing to address them.
Serve the preservation of our planet by shaping and sharing technology solutions.
Serve the development of people by shaping a future with meaningful opportunities for all.
Serve the interests of all our stakeholders by leading through our core values.


The energy sector is critical in the light of the burgeoning population of the world and exponential increase in energy demands. India is dependent on crude oil imports – about $125 billion annually – to meet its energy needs, even as close to 300 million Indians live without electricity. In today’s context, moving up in the energy ladder and achieving energy security necessitate using low-carbon and clean energy options like solar energy. The Indian government has revised its commitment to scale up solar energy from 20GW to 175GW — to be achieved by 2022.

Armed with valuable learnings and confident of achieving our goal of sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewables, we are installing a 70 KW solar photo-voltaic (PV) plant at our Boolean® Campus in Noida, and has helped to completely offset our electricity consumption, and will in fact be running at a surplus. Today, Boolean® is a forerunner among corporates to adopt solar energy as one of its key renewable energy sources.

Boolean Environmental

Climate change needs global action and Boolean® recognizes its role to be part of the solution. We aim to drive climate action within our operations and engage with stakeholders for the global agenda. Our unwavering focus on responsiveness to the needs of the environment ecology will continue to be in three main areas:

Decreasing carbon emissions through energy efficiency and conservation while moving to renewable energy
Minimizing waste going to landfills
Conserving freshwater along with water recycling.

Make POWER while the sun shines


At Boolean®, we believe in removing obstacles to progress and working towards creating opportunities for everyone to have a better future. We believe that a promising future is a digital one and technology can be deployed as an instrument to do good. Our focus areas when it comes to moving us all forward zero in on: Extending digital skills equitably to people, deploying technology to serve core societal needs, energizing local communities, and fostering diversity and inclusion along with driving employee well-being.

We understand that accessibility and workplace adjustments are at the heart of an inclusive workplace ecosystem. We focus our interventions across hiring, retention and growth to go beyond accommodation to address the aspirations of our employees with disabilities.

Boolean Social Responsibility

If an innovation has to serve a diverse set of people, it has to come from people of diverse backgrounds. It’s that simple. That’s why we have people from all walks of life – of different interests, genders, and orientations.

Boolean® is proud to support military personnels' widows. We are honored to have such employees as part of our planned workforce.
A diverse demography brings with it a unique opportunity to build strong collaborations across cultures.
As a signatory to the UN LGBTI Charter for Business, Boolean® is committed to be an inclusive workplace for members of the LGBT community.


Corporate governance is about maximizing stakeholder value legally, ethically and on a sustainable basis. At Boolean®, the goal of corporate governance is to ensure fairness for every stakeholder – our customers, investors, vendor-partners, the community, and the governments of the countries in which we operate. We believe that sound corporate governance is critical in enhancing and retaining investor trust. It is a reflection of our culture, our policies, our relationship with stakeholders and our commitment to values. Accordingly, we always seek to ensure that our performance is driven by integrity.

Information management, being an essential part of good IT governance, is a cornerstone at Boolean® and has helped provide the organization with a robust foundation. There is a concerted effort from top management to our end users as part of the development and implementation process. Additionally, care is taken to ensure that standardized policies or guidelines apply to and are practical for the organization’s culture, business, and operational practices.

Boolean Good Governance

As active and well informed members of the board, they are fully committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance. Our corporate governance philosophy is based on the following principles:

Going beyond the law in upholding corporate governance standards
Maintaining transparency and a high degree of disclosure levels
Communicating externally in a truthful manner about how the company is run internally.
Driving the business on the basis of the belief, 'when in doubt, disclose'.
Protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information assets from cyber threats

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we adopt the highest standards
"We are among the few global companies committed to disclosing their efforts to support gender equality through policy development, GEI framework compliance, representation and transparency."
Gender Equality Index
Gender Equality Index
"Our company’s place among organizations taking a public stance in support of LGBT equality around the world, alongside reputed global brands to provide equal work opportunities to members of this group."
United Nations LGBT Charter
United Nations
LGBT Charter
"Reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is far slower than the time we have remaining. Ergo, we joined hands with Ecologi to plant trees and minimize our carbon footprint."
United Nations LGBT Charter
Climate Projects

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We create and use technology in ways that enhance our ability to connect with people as people - improving lives by creating shared value between brands and consumers. Each of our client is assigned a separate team for tailored products and services. We are a Cyberverse Company of copywriters, designers, scientists, and app/web developers that can blow up your brand with wholly original cross-platform creative powered by an optimized tech stack analytics.

Our mission is to give businesses the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Through our family of apps and services, we're building a different kind of company that connects digitally companies and their customers around the world. Whether we're creating new products or helping a small business expand its reach, people at Boolean® are builders at heart.