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Businesses are only as effective as the technology that powers them.
At Boolean Digital Studio the magic happens in that space between the digital experiences that build brand loyalty and the customer experiences that reward them.
With Boolean, you have access to the most complete portfolio of tech capabilities for business, whether it’s tools for building your own models or pre-built applications to accelerate time to value.

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Who We Are

We create and use technology in ways that enhance our ability to connect with people as people - improving lives by creating shared value between brands and consumers.
We are a Cyberverse Company that combines AI technology, advanced omnichannel solutions, data-driven intelligence and programmatic expertise to transform your IT investments into real business outcomes.
We love what we do, and we do it well.









forte Our Power

Optimized portal and the right technologies to drive business can change everything, and our team makes it happen from scratch to screen. Its like having a Head of Technology in your pocket.

boolean dataops

Intelligent Data Fabric

Our Data Fabric utilizes continuous analytics over existing, discoverable and inferenced metadata assets to support the design, deployment and utilization of integrated and reusable data across all environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud platforms. Think of data fabric as a self driving car.

boolean SaaS applications

SaaS Integration Platforms

We can customise with point-and-click ease, making the weeks or months it takes to update traditional business software seem hopelessly old fashioned. We've moved beyond standalone software functionality to a layered architecture comprising Cloud & Edge computing for mission-critical applications.

boolean edge computing

Composable Applications

Composable applications (CA) are centralized around APIs or software that enables communication between apps — and microservices to increase business efficiency. Our CA enhance business processes' flexibility and help create a more streamlined and smoother workflow.

boolean web development

Web Engineering

We help our customers embrace the mobile-centric web reality and transform legacy systems into modern cross-platform applications. When it comes to designing, and running sophisticated web systems, our agency prioritizes fault tolerance, transaction throughput, scalability, and security.

boolean blockchain

Managed Blockchain

Our Blockchain combines existing technologies including distributed digital ledgers, encryption, closed immutable records management, asset tokenization and centralized governance to capture and record information that participants in a network need to interact and transact.

boolean omnichannel support

Omnichannel Experience

We offer cost-effective onmichannel support services to assist you with expanding your market reach, increasing your visitors' volume, and minimizing the visitor dropouts from your website. You cannot see an increase in customer satisfaction, if you just send auto-responses and no follow-ups.

Dakṣiputra Pāṇini

Pāṇini likely lived in Śalatura in ancient Gandhāra in the northwest Indian subcontinent during the Mahājanapada era in the 4th BCE. His treatise is generative and uses metalanguage and meta-rules, and has been compared to the Turing machine wherein the logical structure of any computing device has been reduced to its essentials using an idealized mathematical model.

अष्टाध्यायी : ह्रस्वं लघु । संयोगे गुरु ॥ १ । ४ । १०-११ ॥

Pāṇini's Aṣṭādhyāyī laid the foundation of Boolean Logic. A 3 (three) syllable meter has 23 (eight) possible combinations of गुरु (G) and लघु (L) syllables:
1 L L L
2 L L G
3 L G L
4 L G G
5 G L L
6 L L G
7 G G L
8 G G G

Panini Boolean Logic

founding members The Team

Founded by STEM nerds, we're a global team of craft-obsessed people who know if we don’t rethink everything, we change nothing.

shivanshu bhardwaj


President | Co-Founder

Responsible for smooth running of the business and overseeing Boolean's relationship with existing clients, fostering new client-relations in both domestic and global markets. He understands that mission-focused organizations do more to improve life than most people realize. These organizations deserve the smartest support we can give. That’s why, in his role as President, his focus is introducing the world to us Booleazens.  

tushar sen


CEO | Co-Founder

Responsible for overseeing the company’s global growth, culture and innovation, and ensuring Boolean delivers on its mission to make brands more valuable to the world. He’s equally dedicated to the professional and personal growth of Booleazens. As a technical savant and savvy communicator, he’s the perfect person to direct the technology on which our clients build their digital identities. Word of caution: His effervescence is highly contagious.  

playbook is a 3 day-long annual event that witnesses the best minds in India competing, collaborating and brainstorming on subjects far in future. The festival’s purpose is to showcase how tech is transforming both business and society by driving important conversations around transformation, diversity and innovation. Our annual Fellowship Summit and WIT Scholarship felicitation takes place here along with our annual hackathon.

playbook provides the tech eco-system with a platform to come together to drive change. Our mission is to build a better, more inclusive, digital world by gathering the world’s most inspirational founders, global leaders, senior investors and rising stars to collaborate and discuss the vital role of technology on society. The international programme will be streamed LIVE on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Stay Tuned!

Boolean Playbook

Boolean Fellowship

Fellowship Summit

Boolean offers $15,000 annual stipend to the selected fellows every year.

Boolean Women in India Technology Scholarship

WIT Scholarship

Indian women pursuing ME/MTech in India are eligible to apply.

Boolean Hackathon


HACQuest is held annually for all tech enthusiasts, strategists and coding wizards.

research Innovation Labs

Boolean Innovation Labs

We’re at a unique moment in time. Computing has never mattered more to the world than it does now. Nearly every aspect of our lives is impacted by computers in ways unimaginable just a few generations ago. You’re likely reading this on a device that is orders of magnitude more powerful than the computers that sent first astronauts to the Moon.

Imagine. Explore. Invent.

We see it as our duty to catalyze scientific progress by taking the cutting-edge technologies we’re working on, scaling them, and deploying them with partners across every industry and field of study. Our goal is to be the engine of change for our partners, and the world at large.

We’re relentlessly curious about all the ways that computing can change the world. We’re currently obsessed with advancing the state of the art in computing, and defining the future of data science. The confluence of the technologies we’re building represent a step change in computing that will surpass anything we’ve seen before. Together, they can exponentially alter the speed and scale at which we can uncover solutions to complex problems.

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Boolean Innovation Labs

culture & values Global Community

Boolean Digital Studio LLP

At Boolean®, you’ll have the opportunity to work with great people, tackle big challenges and make a real impact, wherever you work—while being your unique, authentic self. From our holistic benefits to our commitment to diversity to our personalized approach to flexibility, we focus on building an inclusive environment that’s welcoming for everyone who works at Boolean®.

We empower people here to connect with each other, build community, and do work that is meaningful for them, for Boolean®, and for the people who use our apps and technologies. We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to flexibility that allows everyone to manage work and life, which is why we provide multiple flexible work options to help employees do their best work. Our philosophy of everyday flexibility allows people and teams to determine patterns of work, collaboration, and connection that work best for them.

At Boolean® we are driven by our 6 core values -

boolean innovation
boolean client delight
Client Delight
boolean transparency
boolean excellence
boolean collaboration
boolean diversity

work with us We are Hiring

Web is where people discover, engage, and talk to brands, so we have assembled a team of tech-templars to turn heads (of users likely to covert) and start a conversation (about how awesome you are). Our people aren't just our greatest asset; they're family. We live and breathe emerging tech, and we are always growing.

If you're looking to work with the most-loved tech company in India then visit our Careers Portal


Boolean® is a Cyberverse Company that offers the most powerful off-the-shelf and custom capabilities for brands to reach and influence customers and prospects.
Our full service technology offering is defined by an approach to strategy, analytics, and experience grounded in data and dedicated to delivering value through :

DevOps: Boolean® provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products. We simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software releases, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.

Analytics: Companies rely on analytics to help them make fast, data-driven decisions, grow revenue, establish new business models, provide great customer experiences, empower employees and gain a competitive edge. Our AI and ML analytics can detect patterns, find outliers, and make connections in Big Data much faster and with far more accuracy than was previously possible.

Integration: The integration may be simple, such as an extension of the core functionality with third-party features and functions or industry-specific add-ons designed to work seamlessly with the primary system. Our API platforms in modern technology stacks provide the framework for simple, scalable, and secure access to other cloud or on-premise systems.

Reaching a customer service department should be easy, but that’s not always the case, and it leaves customers feeling irritated before even connecting with the brand. When they do connect with a brand, it's not always productive. They might start off with a bot. When that bot can’t help, they’re transferred to a human who asks the same questions they just answered. Herein lies the problem. In our personal lives, we can send images while we text and talk, and even participate in multiperson video conversations from the same device. Why is customer service so different?

Customer experience (CX) is more important than ever. The Global State of Customer Experience report states that “three-quarters of consumers switch to a brand competitor after just one bad experience,” underscoring that the CX you deliver is critical to success. In short, if you’re complacent about CX, you’re going to struggle.

Many people say omnichannel when they really mean multichannel. I don’t want to be a nitpicker, but the difference matters.

Customers use multiple communication channels to interact with your brand. One report noted that 86% of consumers expect you to recognize them across channels. They may choose from an in-store service desk, email, phone calls, in-app chat, chatbots, text messages, social media, live chat or even a self-service knowledge base. Omnichannel customer support is offering seamless customer service across all touchpoints. 

This is why omnichannel matters. People want to experience brands the way they experience communicating with friends and family: easy, on any channel (or every channel) and as fast as they want it to be.

Unfortunately, much of the business world is still stuck in the multichannel phase; many companies are still utilizing cumbersome, inflexible, on-premises technology and lack the knowledge/trust of a cloud contact center. But it’s really not optional to offer just one or two communication mediums any longer The time for brands to figure this out is now — or never.

Our omnichannel support CURSOR incorporates AI and natural language processing, enabling chatbots to learn over time with each interaction and dramatically increasing your organization’s ability to solve complex issues through automation – in addition to the human interaction customers still expect. AI-powered agent assistance can even use chat histories and insights to help coach human sales agents and improve their close rates and overall performance.

As machines increasingly complement human labor in the workplace, we will all need to adjust to reap the benefits.

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming businesses and will contribute to economic growth via contributions to productivity. They will also help address “moonshot” societal challenges in areas from health to climate change.

While we believe there will be enough work to go around (barring extreme scenarios), society will need to grapple with significant workforce transitions and dislocation. Workers will need to acquire new skills and adapt to the increasingly capable machines alongside them in the workplace. They may have to move from declining occupations to growing and, in some cases, new occupations.

Beyond traditional industrial automation and advanced robots, new generations of more capable autonomous systems are appearing in environments ranging from autonomous vehicles on roads to automated check-outs in grocery stores. Much of this progress has been driven by improvements in systems and components, including mechanics, sensors and software. AI has made especially large strides in recent years, as machine-learning algorithms have become more sophisticated and made use of huge increases in computing power and of the exponential growth in data available to train them.

These technologies are already generating value in various products and services, and companies across sectors use them in an array of processes to personalize product recommendations, find anomalies in production, identify fraudulent transactions, and more. The latest generation of AI advances, including techniques that address classification, estimation, and clustering problems, promises significantly more value still. An analysis we conducted of several hundred AI use cases found that the most advanced deep learning techniques deploying artificial neural networks could account for as much as $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in annual value, or 40 percent of the value created by all analytics techniques.

Our research suggests that, around 3 percent of the global workforce will need to change occupational categories by 2030, though scenarios range from about 0 to 14 percent. Some of these shifts will happen within companies and sectors, but many will occur across sectors and even geographies.

As intelligent machines and software are integrated more deeply into the workplace, workflows and workspaces will continue to evolve to enable humans and machines to work together.

We built our own AI technology called Transcendence to help our clients extract the most value from their investments. Our in-house AI experts apply customizable algorithmic models that optimize programmatic campaigns and engineer stronger outcomes.

We've already migrated to CDP from CRM while the world around us is still waking up to it.

Our Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a piece of software that combines data from multiple tools to create a single centralized customer database containing data on all touch points and interactions with your product or service. That database can then be segmented in a nearly endless number of ways to create more personalized marketing campaigns.
CRMs are for improving the personal interactions you have with your customers. CDPs are for understanding your customers and their behavior. They consolidate and manage all customer data across all touchpoints to gain a single, unified view of the customer. In aggregate, these “unified views” of many customers will reveal the entire customer journey.

Data Fabric Architecture is Key to Modernizing Data Management and Integration.

Gartner defines data fabric as a design concept that serves as an integrated layer (fabric) of data and connecting processes. Our Data fabric leverages both human and machine capabilities to access data in place or support its consolidation where appropriate. It continuously identifies and connects data from disparate applications to discover unique, business-relevant relationships between the available data points. The insight supports re-engineered decision-making, providing more value through rapid access and comprehension than traditional data management practices.

For example, a supply chain leader using a data fabric can add newly encountered data assets to known relationships between supplier delays and production delays more rapidly, and improve decisions with the new data (or for new suppliers or new customers).

We're always looking to develop relationships and meet new prospective employees. If we're not actively hiring at a given time, we're still working to build up our talent bench.
For more information please visit our Careers Portal .
Yes. We do have internship and other programs for students. Do visit the BOOTH section of our website.
Placement officers can register on our BOOTH page to invite us to their campuses.

We identified the need for universal connectivity, where everything can be connected anywhere, anytime, in a transparent, accessible, and economical manner. The first to provide a mobile core infrastructure as a cloud service, Boolean enables secure, reliable and scalable connectivity, in ways previously impossible.
The architecture of the Boolean infrastructure follows the concept of layered Cloud Computing - deploying Edge Computing as an additional layer of data distribution, storage and analysis.

Edge integrates centralized and distributed architectures. Cloud and the edge work hand in hand to enable new experiences. Data is generated or collected in many locations and then moved to the cloud, where computing is centralized, making it easier and cheaper to process data together in one place and at scale. Edge computing uses locally generated data to enable real-time responsiveness to create new experiences, while at the same time controlling sensitive data and reducing costs of data transmission to the cloud. Edge reduces latency, meaning it lowers response time by doing the work close to the source instead of sending it to the more distant cloud and then waiting for a response.

We deliver robust, secure IoT solutions that comply with all major industry standards. Our IoT team is in the loop about all types of communication and network protocols, hardware interfaces, and sensors. Powered with custom business intelligence algorithms, our tools help improve decision-making.

With our SaaS Integration System, software is delivered and ready-to-use over the internet. SaaS provides already developed software, through a monthly or annual subscription, without any responsibility to maintain the software. It involves the delivery of an application as a service that is ready-to-use and hosted in the cloud. Accessed through any internet browser, SaaS often increases overall ROI since it doesn’t require any maintenance or updates by the user. With its cost-effectiveness, it has become a vital tool in sales, communications, customer relationships, and project management.

Our FinTech as a business model also actively pivots our global clientele in engaging on highly disruptive and transformative programmed across Retail & Commercial Banking, Payments, Capital Markets and other areas.
Technology is at the heart of the change and will make it easier to bring together the capabilities of the incumbent institutions and the technological strengths of Boolean. This will result in financial services at lower cost, higher speed and at a better quality to more consumers.
Cross-border payments, real-time settlements, and a growing number of trends are staring incumbent banks in the face. Innovation led by collaboration will be key in responding to customer service and cost expectations.

Our ecosystem is built on four core ecosystem attributes:
  • Talent: The availability of technical, financial services and entrepreneurial talent
  • Capital: The availability of financial resources for start-ups and scale-ups
  • Policy: Government policy across regulation, tax and sector growth initiatives, including the presence of digital public infrastructure to facilitate financial services innovation
  • Demand: End-client demand across consumers, financial institutions and government

Boolean capabilities include:

  • Collaboration: FinTech ecosystem facilitation, procurement process support and process management
  • Technological excellence: our AI/ML capabilities integrates with our Intelligent Data Fabric to provide a secure, fast and robust platform for our clients
  • Regulatory compliance and audit: Navigate compliance and regulation (regulatory strategy, risk management and audit)
  • Digital strategy and platforms: Provide services effectively via web, mobile and API channels; provide advice on building digital ecosystems, embedded finance and "bank as a service" offering leveraging the FinTech ecosystem
  • International expansion: Capitalize on global opportunities (new market strategy, international tax and legal services)
  • Cyber and IT risk: Assess and manage technology-related risks
Driven by technology innovations in AI, voice recognition, predictive analytics, and mobility, we have touched every aspect of the financial lives of banking customers.
We are leading the conversations in approaches to investment decisions, underlying research, data analytics, and more — even making a mark in heavily regulated institutions like exchanges and central banks.

portfolio Ensemble Clientele

  • Boolean Clientele KPMG
  • Boolean Clientele Airbus
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